some weird folds I like

Last weekend we stopped by the Designer's Downtown Market.
Liz picked out this pink fabric from Linda's Stash and said "you're going to make me a bag right?"

If you're looking for cute fabric definitely check out Linda's shop,
she offers a unique and affordable selection.

I made the folds with the extra fabric and ended up really liking it.
I liked it so much I made my own afterwards.

Now it's time for me to work on my to do list and feel justified to do nothing but fun this weekend.

I really like stereo mood, it's pretty much pandora for the indecisive.
Mostly because I'm lazy when it comes to listening to music, unless I'm in the car.
That's when I turn into "crazy evil dj woman" aka don't touch the ipod boyfriend.
Even then I like to put it on shuffle and skip songs until I get to where I'm going.
Yeah, I'm that guy.

What are your weekend plans?


  1. Week-end!

    Tonight I'm joining friends for our first Sangria&BBQ of the summer! I feel some craziness coming!

    Saturday I'll make apple crumble cupcakes and go visit a new apartment and Sunday I'll sew!

  2. These folds are very cute and unique, I love the datails, so adorable :)

    much love,

  3. love the bag - very pretty and unique!