super greens

My sister is phenomenal at hair dressing, no?
I love refreshing this color! It's like BAM!

I'm contemplating getting rid of facebook...
All the privacy controversy is worrisome.

Sewing a lot, a good healthy serving of bags is coming your way soon!

Also, we don't talk about the segway.



This year the local strawberries have been something to write home about.
My brother could barely stay still with this lady bug speed crawling up his arm.

I have caught the home decorating bug.
I'm making color schemes for rooms and picking out decor.
I love this list.


miss petal

Made this dainty clutch for the most motherly childless {for right now} woman I know.
It was her birthday.
I made her a personalized pillow years ago with the same fabric.
Purple is her favorite.
This lady's heart impresses me almost always, it is too big for her own good.

Isn't that the best type of person?


93 66

The temperature has been crazy inconsistent this summer.
Get it together east coast!

Working on new bags, hair color, photos, and my 'tude.

How have you been?


terminally chill

The sky looked hazardous the other night.
Painterly and hazardous.



My favorite hairstylist just happens to be my little sister.
I threaten her with fresh knuckle sandwiches if she tries to charge me.
Just kidding, Dad!