what are you doing home?!

Plans fall through, man, plans fell through.

This is from wednesday before I flew to Barcelona for a trip randomly cut short.

{Blazer - Gap
{Cardigan - Target
{T-dress - F21
{Slip - Old Navy
{Leggings - F21
{Boots - Frye

I like turbulence. It helps me sleep and otherwise I feel like I'm not getting anywhere.
Weird, I know.
Also I heard that one would die from turbulence before the plane fell apart, while alarming it is nice to know the plane frame is stronger than my frame.

What is you favorite part of flying?



My new favorite is TOP5.
I love the concept of the blog;
to roundup the top 5 images of a certain category.

Helena hosts a weekly theme and people submit their photos.
She picks 5 and it is always surprising, fun and inspiring.

My picture was included in the red and pink theme this past week.
It made my day.

In other news my nail happened to be chipped into a heart magically, it seemed.
#radicalselflove magic, no?


I have the beach boys stuck in my head

loving: braids and t-shirt dresses.


Fever Ray - When I Grow Up

This ring has 3 hearts on it. My reminder.

I am notorious for collecting cute journals and never writing in them...
So for this Radical Self Love project I made my own journal:

I took this blank notecard, opened it and traced it on a few pieces of notebook paper
(I was able to make 2 pages out of 1 piece of notebook paper).
I like the look of raw edged paper, so instead of scissors, I folder the paper where I traced it, licked the paper, folded it on the other side and licked it again, then tore the paper away.
(If that grosses you out use a damp sponge or something).
When I had as many pages as I wanted (9, 16 once folded), I folded each piece in half to fit into the notecard.

Then I stitched one straight line down the center fold of the paper and notecard with a sewing machine (do not reverse stitch it creates a big hole in the paper and card!).

Then used electrical tape to help secure everything and to help the card not tear.

An excerpt from my little notecard journal: (for me as well as for you!)

Darling one,
Love, love, love.
Designed with such a beautiful and vast capacity to love.
Your ideas and dreams are exquisite and inspiring.
Don't give up and never hide!


Ambling Alp

I'm still really digging this red hair.
So are a lot of strangers.
Mostly people want to talk to me about their redheaded offspring.

The sky does some crazy things and it is hard to capture.

Someone should do a youtube tutorial on the low braid bangs.

I collect sugar packets.


carry on

I will be packing extremely light for a month away.
Thank you polyvore for this almost verbatim collage of what I'm taking.
I threw the entire contents of my closet on the bed and sorted everything.
I set aside versatile dresses, dresses, dresses and some staples.

Then I organized what I set aside and took out pieces that I hardly ever wear in real life. Because if I don't where them at home I won't wear them in another place either.

Here are the rules I'm following:
  • Staples! - cardigan, blazer, vest, a long sleeve, short sleeve and sleeveless shirt, LBD (whoops! I didn't include an LBD in my collage...), skirt, denim something (in my case shorts), leggings and opaque tights.
  • Dresses! - I'm packing 6 different styles of dresses and trying to make sure they aren't the same color.
  • Shoes! - I contemplated heels, but my bag doesn't really have the space. Boots (all of the sudden in my eyes that word appears to be misspelled), Fryes are where it's at for comfort and sturdiness, plus ladies are always chasing me down asking me about them. Chucks for when I get sick of the boots. Flats when daintiness is called for.
  • Accessories! - I hardly ever rely on jewelry to style an outfit, yet I own TONS of beautiful statement necklaces so I am packing my favorites. Belt. Scarf.
Another thing I'm considering is wear: If I wear a piece once and it gets all stretched out and wonky it probably isn't a good idea to bring it.

I am typically the worst at planning outfits when traveling. I usually haphazardly throw tons of tights, leggings, dresses and random crap in a bag then say a prayer. I am usually disappointed once I have reached my destination and end up wearing the same outfit 20 times.

So this time I am trying to pack cautiously and with tact.

Any tips or tricks?


Radical self love!

Do this.

It will be so worth while and heart sparkling.