Fever Ray - When I Grow Up

This ring has 3 hearts on it. My reminder.

I am notorious for collecting cute journals and never writing in them...
So for this Radical Self Love project I made my own journal:

I took this blank notecard, opened it and traced it on a few pieces of notebook paper
(I was able to make 2 pages out of 1 piece of notebook paper).
I like the look of raw edged paper, so instead of scissors, I folder the paper where I traced it, licked the paper, folded it on the other side and licked it again, then tore the paper away.
(If that grosses you out use a damp sponge or something).
When I had as many pages as I wanted (9, 16 once folded), I folded each piece in half to fit into the notecard.

Then I stitched one straight line down the center fold of the paper and notecard with a sewing machine (do not reverse stitch it creates a big hole in the paper and card!).

Then used electrical tape to help secure everything and to help the card not tear.

An excerpt from my little notecard journal: (for me as well as for you!)

Darling one,
Love, love, love.
Designed with such a beautiful and vast capacity to love.
Your ideas and dreams are exquisite and inspiring.
Don't give up and never hide!


  1. I was thinking of making my own too!

    Instead of eletric take I might use 'surgical tape' cause you can do 'watercolor' on it :)

  2. That's a good idea!

    Post pics when you do it :)

  3. such a cute thing to do!
    love these photos very much too!