bee arr bee etsy

flower mash the store is on a little break due to a few technical difficulties.
The store will be back soon with brand new bags!
So go make some pretty grilled cheese like I did the other day.

I'm still trying to figure out how to do a tattoo post without it being too risque.
What if my Grandma sees this y'all?


water cocktail

I made mint & lime water last week.
It was pretty awesome.
I'll probably make it in a separate pitcher next time and not the BRITA pitcher.
I didn't want to use this water for my coffee, so I had to use tap water.

I made burritos with:
TJ's frozen roasted corn
TJ's frozen peppers and onions
vegetarian refried beans and a lot of cheese, lettuce, sour cream and salsa.

Finally, I made a new clutch for myself.
I accidently melted one side of the flower netting with my iron.
I realized it before I ruined the entire bag, thank goodness.



My sister the hairstylist, is turning 21 on Friday!
I bought her the yellow shears necklace from DeMuerte Handmade Jewelry.
I absolutely love the necklace and so does she!
I gave it to her on Sunday because I won't see her again before her birthday.
If you like vintage inspired, trendy charms and lacy dainty designs
definitely check out DeMuerte.

On Sunday I put together a pretty nice looking spread.
Unfortunately, my camera has been M.I.A., so I have no photographic evidence of the food.
You will just have to trust me that I actually had my Dad over for Father's Day and that I fed everyone well.

Here are the recipes, so you can make a mental picture ok?
I used two recipes to figure out how to make ceviche
I also made guacamole.

So there you have it.


I love LeeLee

I recently modeled for my new favorite line: LeeLee Bredenburg.
The shirts are currently available at Modcloth.
It was such a good time and I really do adore the designs!
I can't wait to see what else LeeLee has in store for the fashion world.

I was hoping to put up some new listing on etsy today,
but my camera was commandeered by none other than Mr. F.
Oh well.

I'm prepping tons of food for Father's day.
I'm having him and the kids (my siblings) over for a pool party!

What are your Father's day plans?

Have an awesome weekend!

P.S. Changing my hair next week!



I want to do something similar to this on my head.




My nesting dolls are just as bright as they were when I got them in 2007.
I think this has something to do with the fact that they see very little sunlight.
Thinking about doing a tattoo post soon.

Do you have any tattoos?

P.S. Preview news bags 1 and 2.



I love this scarf from Libery of London for Target.

I want to buy everything from this line.


Kay Nielson

Kay Nielson is one of my favorites.

Kind of art nouveau, dreamy, psychedelic, lush, sweet.
They are illustrations to get lost in.

When I was a little girl I loved the books that had intricately detailed drawings. I could place myself there, adding acres and acres of beautiful landscape in my imagination.
A diving board into an extremely lucid day dream.

{IMAGES: google TAPE: puglypixel}



More owl friends coming to flower mash soon!

Check out Polly, she's adorable!

Everyone should submit a Dinner photo to this week's extended COLLECTIVE5.
Do it!

Not sure how I just found out about this, but wow!

My #1 goal this month is to take. more. photos.
Summer is my favorite, I want to compulsively document it.

What is your goal for JUNE bug?


Pretty please

Freshly listed bags on flowermash.etsy.com!

More on their way soon.


Pine trees remind me that I'm home. I used think they were ugly. Now not so much.

Willows have always been a favorite of mine. I took this picture standing under the one that has taken over my Dad's yard.

There are people working on the water heater right now and it stinks like birthday candles in here.

I went camping this past weekend.
It was fun and bizarre.
What did you do for Memorial day?