My sister the hairstylist, is turning 21 on Friday!
I bought her the yellow shears necklace from DeMuerte Handmade Jewelry.
I absolutely love the necklace and so does she!
I gave it to her on Sunday because I won't see her again before her birthday.
If you like vintage inspired, trendy charms and lacy dainty designs
definitely check out DeMuerte.

On Sunday I put together a pretty nice looking spread.
Unfortunately, my camera has been M.I.A., so I have no photographic evidence of the food.
You will just have to trust me that I actually had my Dad over for Father's Day and that I fed everyone well.

Here are the recipes, so you can make a mental picture ok?
I used two recipes to figure out how to make ceviche
I also made guacamole.

So there you have it.

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