water cocktail

I made mint & lime water last week.
It was pretty awesome.
I'll probably make it in a separate pitcher next time and not the BRITA pitcher.
I didn't want to use this water for my coffee, so I had to use tap water.

I made burritos with:
TJ's frozen roasted corn
TJ's frozen peppers and onions
vegetarian refried beans and a lot of cheese, lettuce, sour cream and salsa.

Finally, I made a new clutch for myself.
I accidently melted one side of the flower netting with my iron.
I realized it before I ruined the entire bag, thank goodness.


  1. In my house during the summertime we drink lots of water with lime & sugar!

    Oh and those burrito thangs look so so so tasty....mmmm I think I will make some next week!!
    I have been on a Mexican kick lately....

  2. the food looks really yum!
    xx raez