what are you doing home?!

Plans fall through, man, plans fell through.

This is from wednesday before I flew to Barcelona for a trip randomly cut short.

{Blazer - Gap
{Cardigan - Target
{T-dress - F21
{Slip - Old Navy
{Leggings - F21
{Boots - Frye

I like turbulence. It helps me sleep and otherwise I feel like I'm not getting anywhere.
Weird, I know.
Also I heard that one would die from turbulence before the plane fell apart, while alarming it is nice to know the plane frame is stronger than my frame.

What is you favorite part of flying?


  1. take off & landing - the gradual change from ground to sky.. sky to ground..
    hectic to peaceful to hectic.

  2. rushing and waiting. My least favorite parts of flying.

    Our plane had a camera on the back and we were able to watch the take off on the TV. It freaked me out.

  3. mm yes. that is the suckiest part.
    !! that is .. ive never heard of that !!

  4. uh, annie is your wife logged into annie email apparently.
    what the.