carry on

I will be packing extremely light for a month away.
Thank you polyvore for this almost verbatim collage of what I'm taking.
I threw the entire contents of my closet on the bed and sorted everything.
I set aside versatile dresses, dresses, dresses and some staples.

Then I organized what I set aside and took out pieces that I hardly ever wear in real life. Because if I don't where them at home I won't wear them in another place either.

Here are the rules I'm following:
  • Staples! - cardigan, blazer, vest, a long sleeve, short sleeve and sleeveless shirt, LBD (whoops! I didn't include an LBD in my collage...), skirt, denim something (in my case shorts), leggings and opaque tights.
  • Dresses! - I'm packing 6 different styles of dresses and trying to make sure they aren't the same color.
  • Shoes! - I contemplated heels, but my bag doesn't really have the space. Boots (all of the sudden in my eyes that word appears to be misspelled), Fryes are where it's at for comfort and sturdiness, plus ladies are always chasing me down asking me about them. Chucks for when I get sick of the boots. Flats when daintiness is called for.
  • Accessories! - I hardly ever rely on jewelry to style an outfit, yet I own TONS of beautiful statement necklaces so I am packing my favorites. Belt. Scarf.
Another thing I'm considering is wear: If I wear a piece once and it gets all stretched out and wonky it probably isn't a good idea to bring it.

I am typically the worst at planning outfits when traveling. I usually haphazardly throw tons of tights, leggings, dresses and random crap in a bag then say a prayer. I am usually disappointed once I have reached my destination and end up wearing the same outfit 20 times.

So this time I am trying to pack cautiously and with tact.

Any tips or tricks?


  1. i want to munch on your style.
    thats all i have to say.

  2. oulah, where are you going?

    Packing is all about the expected weather!

  3. I've been checking the weather there for about a month.
    It is winter there, but mild. More like spring during the day and autumn in the evening!

    I'm kind of keeping my whereabouts a secret for the time being.
    But all will be revealed soon! :)