stars and super novas

Really old picture of this guy and I who have remarkably made it to the 4 year mark today.

I am really this excited about it!
Dressing up, fancy dinner and then going to people watch at clubs we've never been to.

Also central NC is allegedly getting an epic snow storm (hey epic for us southerners ok y'all?).
I'm crossing my fingers but will probably be underwhelmed tomorrow.

I've fallen in love with this archive. INCREDIBLE.
Be warned this site kills productivity. I impulsively change my desktop with each page load.
Totally rekindles my childhood dream of becoming an astronaut.

What trouble are you getting into this weekend?

May it be filled with planet skipping and star catching.


  1. i am so effing thrilled about this being the four year mark for you two. that is incredibly wonderful in my eyes.
    ive always rooted for you two, through the good & bad.
    it makes me very happy that you guys make it work.

    so happy happy anny w danny boy!


    ill trade you that for warm sunshine!!
    hee hee.

    hummels birthday is today, dinner tonight.
    puppy tomorrow!!
    & annie leaves for illinois, "illannoy" on sunday.

    yours truly.

  2. Happy Anniversary!

    I hope you both have a lovely day together

  3. congrats, you mush bags!