changing pace and direction

Things for me have changed directions
so rapidly and frequently the past few months
my heart has had a serious case of whiplash.

What can I say without saying too much?

I'm really excited with everything I was able to do this year.
I grew in a lot of ways.
I had the amazing opportunity to pour full time attention
into my passion.
I didn't get very far and I wobbled all along the way.

This opportunity has closed up for now.
I need to work
and focus more on family oriented things.
Because of this I had to give up volunteering weekly
which was the hardest.

In addition my machine has gone to sewing heaven
so I will be unable to produce any bags
until I manage to get another or am gifted one (!!! Wouldn't that be spectacular?).

I hope to be apart of creating awareness for those in need
all around us everyday.
How ridiculous is it that people go hungry in this nation?
This absolutely boggles my mind.

While I can't be a resource for everyone
I encourage you to look around online for opportunities
in your neighborhood.
It isn't difficult to get plugged in
and it is something that will bless you as much as
it helps those in need.

Sign up for your local rescue mission's newsletter!
Host a food drive in your neighborhood!
Help collect coats for those less fortunate this winter!
Ask the guests of your holiday parties to bring canned goods!

I mean seriously why not?

I know in everyday there are MANY distractions and it's easy to forget
about everyone except the person in the mirror.

But here's what I'm learning to be true:
Life, it goes on, with or without you.

Get involved in the triangle:

Tirnanog is hosting a benefit concert for RRM on Oct 28th at 10pm
(bring canned goods or donations!)

Get involved elsewhere:
Also try looking up your cities food banks and rescue missions.

Wake up! Do something worthwhile.

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