cupcakes, bright thread spools, fresh flowers

1} Good hair days, my hair by default is stick straight.
2&3} Lotus plugs and my freckles look like a bad breakout, ew.
4&5} New shoes, Mr. F (from here on out will refer to my boyfriend, plus I love arrested development.) was all, "Why are you wearing a hoodie and heels?"

Breaking them in, duh.

Another favorite of mine is the oldie but goodie: Poladroid

I also LOVE this scalloped swimsuit.
Mmm scallops in fabric and in my dinner.


  1. i love your hair! mostly because it is on the ginger side, and i loveeeee gingers:)

    amazing shoes as well, and im so drooling over that food below:)

    xx raez

  2. Thanks Raez i like gingers too, hapyy i'm passing as one ;)

    LOVE you drella<3

  3. I love that last poladroid...it appears so scandalous! ;)