dessert first

On Sunday funday I made these smores cupcakes. They are amazing.
I've been eating them for lunch everyday this week.

Monday we had some people over so I made roast veggies.
(plus pasta, sauce and meatballs for everyone but me.)
I used variation of this recipe.

Last night I made potato & cheese enchiladas.
Like this recipe, except I only had a bell pepper to roast, so I used more cheese.

The #1 reason I hesitated eliminating meat from my diet for so long was because I have a raw food allergy. As a kid it was only carrots, now it is basically all raw produce.
It's pretty manageable, I just don't eat what bugs my system.

I can cook with the things I'm allergic to, no problem.
I've just avoided produce all together for a long time, so I often forget this.

Yay for remembering I can cook the crap out of them!
Take that, carrots!

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